Youth on Purpose

Be moved by Stories of COURAGE of overcoming health challenge, drug and alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, living with cancer and the stresses of environment.

Feel excited  when they share their health, business, community, hobby, work and career PASSIONS.

Be inspired by the difference they are making in their communities and the ripples of CONTRIBUTION they are making every day.

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When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. There are no coincidences in the Universe.

Begin your journey today.

About Michelle

The inner peace I have found in knowing that I can be the director and creator of my life, is magical. 

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Success Stories

Many are good at what they do, but very few are good enough to inspire someone to take action.

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Worried about your child?

Have you tried everything possible and feel like you have nothing left to give? Discover how my tailored program can help.

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