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What is it? 

The Mental Toolbox 2010 in The Hunter Valley was such a success, 

See what participants had to say about the event a few months ago…

JULY 23rd to 25th – 45 inspired individuals left the Mental Toolbox in the valley, ready to make big changes in their lives, smiles and laughter were aplenty and many friendships were sealed.  Thank you to all, presenters, organisers, those who donated and catered and all attendees.

What participants have said:-

It`s been a long time since Vanessa and I have had such an intense but so rewarding 3 days. I don`t think anybody was expecting to look at themselves so closely and realize some of the thought patterns, habits and road blocks that do lie in our path and are stopping us from pursuing our dreams.    On a personal level, I`m so glad we had coffee that day and discussed the coaching programme because I know now more than that weekend that I do need help to get to where I wan`t to be. I know it`s going to involve some hard work and changes but i`m delighted it`s going to be with you. It`s difficult as a male and a 45 year old to admit these things and even though I know it`s not going to be easy I do look forward 12 month`s from now at celebrating our success. Vanessa and I welcome you and Beyond Success into our lives and know that things will only get better for us from now on   Sincerest Regards     Geoff & Vanessa  (Broke, Hunter Valley 0439241273)

Information presented at the Hunter MTB was clear, easily understood and immediately usable.  It has been invaluable in helping me clarify my goals and direction in life.  X. Branxton

Thank you so much for informing me of  the Mental Toolbox Workshop.
It was a weekend that I will not forget. It was full of happiness, and tears. 
It has changed my outlook on life, and I am now a more positive person.
I meditate every night, which is helping me with my new journey.
The tools that I have aquired from the workshop, has changed my whole outlook on life.
Once again Michelle, a big thank you. M. Singleton, Hunter Valley

Thank you so much for all your efforts to bring the Mental Tool Box to the Hunter. It was only by chance that I had changed my radio station I usually listen to and heard your ad. It was meant to be, I have been so lost for so long and I finally feel inspired again and I have such a thirst for more, I have my goals book under way and meditating every day I just want to share it with everyone it was like magic I suddenly knew what I should be doing.  Thank you for the inspiration to become what I never knew was possible! N. Hunter Valley

The weekend allowed me see more clearly what I want out of life and it has also given me the courage to go after some goals that I mistakenly believed were unattainable. T. Singleton

Things are going well for us since attending the MTB.  We really enjoyed it and both of us got a lot out of it.  We are buddying with each other to keep accountability.  We have both bought Journals while in the past we only used vision boards so this is a new addition to our tool kit. I bought the meditation pack and my 7 year old just loves them.  She listens when she goes to sleep at night and makes sure I put one on EVERY night.  We look forward to catching up again soon and keeping on growing and learning every day.  K & D – Singleton            

We really enjoyed the weekend. So much was packed into the three days, yet was not overwhelming. Seeing so many other people with the same issues as us is enough to make us feel more “normal”.  The style and atmosphere of what we experienced at The Mental Toolbox was not pushy or all hype; there was no pressure placed on anyone, which impressed us. We felt very comfortable and think we will align well with Beyond Success.  Singleton

I feel fabulous and have since the wonderful MTB weekend.  To think I wasn’t going to go!  I had heard a lot of the information presented before, but it always sounds different each time someone else presents it.  James was fabulous.  I definitely had two big breakthroughs with the process he showed us, one being the removal of a program that caused me fear of people and the other, fear of success. I am definitely a new woman, and have already made three major decisions that will change my life.                                                                                                                          Tess Valentino, Singleton, Hunter Valley 0401 943 486    

I thought The Mental Tool Box was good.  I did get something out of it. Very thought provoking and confronting at times.  I actually acknowledged a couple of feelings that I know have always been there but I had ignored and I think that has changed things for me emotionally for the good.  Since the tool box and starting to listen to the meditation CD I have felt happier and more contented, I think is the word.  All my children have in fact commented on my smiling and calmer approach to things.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        K.  Singleton

My feedback on the MTB is that I am so glad I did it and thanks to you Michelle for giving me the opportunity.  James was a great facilitator and with the many helpers hovering in the background all seemed to run smoothly.  I learnt that I need to pay more attention to me and less to working.  The whole conscious/sub-conscious thing was most interesting.  My son said I’ve been much calmer.  Claire, Ellalong/Quorrobolong NSW



Learn  the mental tools you need to know about how your mind works.

Come & Learn  about this inspirational and practical personal and professional development seminar.

The Mental Toolbox is the user manual that should have been issued with our brains when we were born!

WHY does your mind do things that frustrate you? 

Have YOU ever wondered why you keep doing the same thing over and over and can’t seem to get the results you want?

What do you DO to keep it running at peak efficiency for the rest of your life?


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“A Special Invitation from Michelle”

Paul and Mary Blackburn founders of Beyond Success have been running The Mental Toolbox for over 25 years.

When I attended “The Mental Toolbox” in Perth in 2008, I found it to be packed with fun & valuable information.
In fact, I was SO impressed by the testimonials on the website, I signed up my mum to come with me!  She is grateful I did, and it reinforced for her and me the value of meditation, positive thinking and gave us a new perspective on many things.  I have since attended two more toolboxes and every time, I learn something new.

I would love you to come and experience some of what we have learned and help you to improve your life too!
The three day investment in yourself will pay handsome dividends in your personal & professional life.
You will be thanking me afterwards as others have. Dates for 2011 are :-


18th – 20th March             

19th – 21st August


15th – 17th April               

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13th – 15th May          

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27th – 29th May           

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10th – 12th June          

14th – 16th October


All proceeds will be donated to the Better Life Foundation
The normal RRP is $1,970 (If you choose not to use my code) and enter the code “MICLEE”

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