A Message from Michelle

Firstly congratulations on taking your first step in finding out what is available to help you to live and work life to its fullest.  I am truly passionate about assisting you in not only discovering and living your dream career and life, but also in helping you discover so much more about yourself.

Career means the course of road of life, which is far more significant than mere employment.  A career is a physical expression of what you give to life, your contribution and communication to and with the Universe.  Use your career as a means to express yourself in a fulfilling way, while at the same time generating income for you.  Choose something that means a lot to you, and for some of you it may mean a career of bringing up children or doing charity work for a cause you care deeply about, so it may not always be an income generating activity.

I am a life coach, but also importantly I am someone who has felt the confusion of what to study, what to become, where to work, whether to set up a business, whether to change careers even though I was doing well in the career I was in, and was making a great income.  Through several turning points in my life, and subsequent personal development, I soon discovered more about myself. What I resonated most strongly with, and where I found my passion was in helping others find theirs and helping them to turn their lives around and to believe they could have what they dreamed of.  I now have a life coaching business, specialising in career coaching.

There are many reasons why people have chosen and continue to choose jobs or careers that they end up not liking, and wishing they did not have to get out of bed for in the morning or in some cases, at night.

I chose my first career in physiotherapy purely based on the fact that one of my parents wanted to do it but had not had the opportunity.  I had the grades, was accepted and did well at it. 

For others, reasons range from parental expectation, how well they did at school determining what course or training they were accepted into, what friends were doing, where most money was made, which career brought most prestige, family businesses, levels of income.  These days, it can be the huge range of career choices that can be the most confusing!

Schooling taught us little about living and choosing based on our values, daily problem solving, developing businesses, and having the confidence to go out there in pursuit of what deep inside we dreamed of.   Emotional intelligence is hardly touched on, and kids grow up into adults whose emotions control their behaviours and thoughts, instead of  them being in control of their emotions.

So often, many end up doing courses which “looked good” at the time or were just a “time filler”.  Today, kids cannot leave school till age 17 unless they have a full time job.  So, many who do not align with mainstream education find themselves prematurely in jobs they do not necessarily love.  They begin earning an income and all of a sudden they feel stuck, the money keeps them in it.  Some make decisions to travel and many do find their passion doing so.  Others return home and feel the pressure of having to make a buck, and again fall into vocations that do nothing for the soul.

How many kids are encouraged to follow their passion?  How many are nurtured to know their strengths, and to go for their dreams, no matter how distant they may be from their parents dreams for them?

Yet again, belief systems are being taught to kids, which may not align with what they want.  End result is confusion.  Society is rife with vastly differing values about money, what it means to have it, to not have it.  Do we work hard, do we not work hard?  Do we study or don’t we? Are two majors at Uni better than one? 

In today’s society where so much choice is available,  one might think that youth have got a great smorgasbord of options to choose from.  In fact the multitude of choices out there are mind-boggling and end up causing more confusion.

My experience has taught me that I can make that choice from the answers that feel right for me. My wish is to inspire you to be clear about your vision for you and your life, and to make choices and take actions with confidence to propel you towards your dreams. I look forward to sharing with you strategies which  ended up changing my entire life and ultimately my career.