The Uplift Project

I have been involved in this awesome project since teaming up with two awesome colleagues Fabio Zambelli and Rohan O’Reilly.

Within the space of 3 months we launched the The Uplift Project as an innovative business and have since successfully completed our first round of programs.  The Programs can be described as:

Synergistic Evolutionary Lifestyle Programs for the Enhancement and Advancement of Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing.
Personal Growth and Energy through access to Advanced Knowledge and Training.

The initial program was an integration of Martial Arts, Body/Mind Neurogenic Intelligence Training & Motivational Lifestyle and Career Coaching delivered by the three of us.  Our clients were given 12 hours of practical skills and tools to uplift themselves to higher levels.  From all accounts, they are already doing so and transforming their lives!

We intend to combine other modalities in groups of three, using naturopathy, kinesiology, nutrition, mindfulness, meditation and many other combinations to form unique lifestyle programs.

See an article published in the Newcastle Herald: