The Uplift Project Self-Defence Self-Confidence Programs

No Bully Programs & Safe'n'Confident Women

No Bully Programs
Safe’n’Confident Women


The Uplift Project Self-Defence Classes

Transformational Self-Defence – far from the average Self-Defence class!

A unique combination of physical self-defence techniques and mental and emotional self-awareness techniques are taught in our classes.  Your teachers are:

Fabio Zambelli is a Kung Fu Master with expertise in 8 different martial arts.  He has taught a range of self-defence classes for many years in Italy, China and Newcastle. 

Michelle Lee is a transformational life coach.  She helps empower clients to discover and be more of who they are, to increase their levels of awareness, confidence and assertiveness, and to become the directors of their lives.

Together, they will teach you practical and powerful tools you can use for a lifetime. 





  1.     Increased confidence
  2.     Heightened awareness
  3.     Feeling that you are safe
  4.     Knowing that you can control any situation
  5.     Improved self-esteem
  6.     Strength to work through your fears
  7.     Improved communication
  8.     Respectful relationships