Want a Stronger Connection?

Are you connecting the best you can with your child right now?

Do you wish the connection was better?

Over the weekend, I experienced the power of a stronger faster connection – not with my girls, it was with my internet speed and connection! When I reflected on this almost non-human connection, there were many analogies with human ways that contributed to boosting its power and strength.


I finally acknowledged there was a problem – the download was slow (child seems to not hear me and respond)

I tested the connection using speedtest.net. Sure enough a weak 2.1 mbps (no response, a grunt or a “whatever” making it more and more frustrating for me)

I asked for help (called on the specialists)

communicated my trouble and how I wished it was and why (communicated as best I could even though I did not know all of the correct language)

Then I collaborated with the specialist in South Africa connecting, disconnecting and testing different modem ports, closing down windows, opening others, chatting with the specialist, connecting and testing (process of connecting with a child)

After about 2 hours of persistence and commitment to make this work by all parties, Bingo! We had a speed test connection of nearly 9 mbps! Wasn’t I celebrating! ( Will you be celebrating when you finally establish a strong connection with your child, after months of intermittent drop outs and loss of connection).

The signal is still strong. I am now mindful to address the connection issue early rather than pushing painfully through the walls, the slowness, the disconnect.


When your child feels seen, heard, loved and valued without judgment, a deep strong connection is formed.

Each child and his/her parent will connect differently.

Book a connection resolution session with Michelle.  Together you can work together to build a magical connection!

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