Uncomfortable with Success?

Getting Uncomfortable

You have no doubt heard of the fear of failure.  As crazy as it may seem, many also have a fear of success. Here are ten reasons why this prevents people setting goals and taking action:

  • People might like you less.
  • People’s expectations of you will change.
  • You may expect more of you.
  • You doubt if you can do it again.
  • People will notice you.
  • People may expect you to always succeed.
  • Success involves change.
  • Success involves more time.
  • You may not feel worthy of success.
  • It is harder to stay at the top than to get there.

So how do you overcome this fear of success? Here are 5 things to think about:

  • Become aware of the reason/s why you keep avoiding moving forwards – what resonates for you in the list above? Awareness is the first step.  With it you know where you are so you can then plan where you want to be.
  • Recall your last big “success”.  Did you lose a friend as a direct result? Remember that it is their belief about themselves that shapes the way they may view you and your success.  It’s not about you.
  • On the other hand, did success bring you more attention than what you were comfortable with? Did you learn a new skill as a result?  Did your confidence grow? What learning can you take from that experience?
  • You have two friends, both want to bring a small or big project to fruition, one talks about it without setting goals or taking action, the other sets a goal and starts to take action. Which one would inspire you more, no matter the result?
  • Life is about growth, success is about growth. We can’t grow without change.  We learn, we adapt, we become resilient when we are continually changing and evolving, finding new ways.  How bad do you want change?

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