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I am PASSIONATE about coaching YOU to the career of your DREAMS!

  • Are you tired of your  job/career?
  • Feel like you have no direction and are going nowhere fast?
  • Don't feel like getting out of bed in the morning?
  • Are you unmotivated and listless all day, waiting for the end of your shift?
  • Do you feel like a change, not sure what it is,  yet you know for sure you are not doing what you are passionate about?
  • Confused, scared, need an injection of confidence?
  • Trapped in your current job, just going through the motions?
  • Are you stressed, unhappy, uninterested and unappreciated?
  • Do you feel intellectually unstimulated and that you are wasting your abilities and talents?
  • Are your values and your employer's not aligned?
  • Is your career path not aligned with your personal values?
  • Is your job just a means to an end?
  • Maybe you do know what you want, but are fearful of taking that step?
  • Wish you had more time to do what you want to do?
  • Want to know what your purpose in life is, or feel a strong yearning for one?

Your career has an enormous impact on your overall happiness and lifestyle.  Most people spend almost half their adult lives commuting to and from work, being at work, attending courses and further training... so how important is it that you love the job or career you are in?

Come on a journey with me and these are the results you will have:

  • A renewed zest for life - you'll jump out of bed before the alarm goes off!
  • Motivation, focus, claritydirection as you move towards your passion in life or rekindle the passion you used to have
  • Increased confidence and self-worth
  • A sense of freedom and general well being, improved health and relationships
  • A purpose and a way of really contributing to the world
  • Heightened self-awareness and self-acceptance
  • A belief in possibilities
  • A solution mindset
  • And most importantly, you will learn and understand yourself so much better as you make changes in your life

Contact me now for an obligation - free face-to-face or phone session to discuss what you want, what I can offer as a career coach and to see if we can work together well.   You don't have to do this alone.  I am here to support, encourage, guide, give you a nudge now and again, and cheer you from the sidelines.

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

Carl Bard

With my positive, validating, supportive step-by-step system of career coaching you will

  1. Discover the careers that best suit your values, strengths, passion and natural inclinations;
  2. Explore your career options and be clear about the career and industry that you feel most drawn to;
  3. Clear sabotaging blocks and beliefs holding you back from moving forwards;
  4. Develop an effective results oriented action plan to help you on your path to a fulfilling career;
  5. Learn how to be confident and assertive;
  6. Be guided about course options and training programmes as well as access business guidance;
  7. Have access to business coaches and expert career counsellors;
  8. Have an expert prepare your resume and advise on how to tailor it for different positions; and
  9. Implement your life plan so as to harmoniously blend your private and professional life.

"I was on a downward spiral into depression when Michelle Lee arrived in my life.  At my lowest point I felt unlovable, unsuccessful and worthless and I couldn’t see how my life could be any different.  I was completely trapped.Michelle opened my eyes to the possibility I could have a wonderful, balanced, happy life and I actually deserve it.  It is Michelle who introduced me to myself and I actually like me!
Michelle has a lovely warm nature, which encouraged me to nurture myself, she has a very practical approach, which would give me a push along when I lost focus, and her wisdom guided my exploration of myself and life’s opportunities.

Recently I was faced with a massive life change when I resigned from my job, a job I hated, but felt I had to do because it offered me security & what else could I do?  Michelle was there offering support & advice when I needed it the most.   Through her coaching I was able to see it as an opportunity for positive change and am now excited to wake up each day to see what is in store and I feel as though anything is possible.

Thank you Michelle for taking me on this wonderful journey."

K. Gaffy -Melbourne

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