Adolescent Career Direction Empowerment Program (ACDEP)

Adolescent Career Direction & Empowerment Program (ACDEP)


Despite the multitude of educational and career choices in today’s world, it is so common to hear students say “I don't know what I want to do.” Parents and teachers struggle to keep students tuned in to learning. Students become easily distracted, unmotivated, disruptive and often fail to use their gifts to their full potential.

“Begin with the end in mind.”
Stephen Covey

To begin with the end in mind means starting with a clear understanding of one’s destination. Most of us are walking down the road of life, checking the road-signs as we go, and wondering where on earth we are. Some of us have detailed roadmaps, and are following the paths plotted by previous explorers. What Covey suggests is that we all need an understanding of our unique destination – in other words, a vision. Without a vision, we are just meandering along the road. We also need our own compass, or set of guiding principles, which will direct us in life. This compass needs to be fashioned by our own unique hands, and will help us on our own unique journey.

ACDEP is an 8 week after school hours programme, for adolescents aged 14-19.

The one hour once a week sessions and follow-up “between session” worksheets aim to empower small groups of up to 8 participants to gain clarity, direction, a sense of purpose, a strong awareness of self, and increased confidence. ACDEP provides guidance towards optimum subject and career choices while encouraging adolescents to make their own decisions using the principles learned.

ACDEP is designed to explore and ignite the passion within each adolescent, so not only will they become motivated towards their goals and vision, they will also understand why now is the time to shape their future. When students are empowered, they make the decision to learn as they realise that this is one of the important steps on the journey towards a fulfilling career. Students, teachers and parents will benefit from the renewed positive energy.

ACDEP Workshops

Week 1 Who am I? What is my Personality?
Week 2 Wheel of Life - Values - Vision
Week 3 Clarity – Purpose – Goal Setting
Week 4 Breaking Through Your Sabotaging Blocks & Fears
Week 5 Connecting your Values, Personality, Strengths to Career Options
Week 6 Building Your Self-Confidence
Week 7 Life Career Balance - Be true to who you are
Week 8 Taking Action – Where to from here?

Each workshop runs for 1 hour.
Participants receive worksheets to complete before next session.
Maximum of 8 per workshop.

FACE of the FUTURE Programs 

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The ACDEP Program detailed above stands alone.

For even greater BENEFITS add in the program The Art of Reading Students developed by Alan Stevens The Face Profiler (Human Trait Recognition) which coaches Teachers to better understand their students.


Imagine the transformation this program would bring if implemented into our schools?


When students have an increased self-esteem, as well as a better understanding of themselves, they develop an increased purpose and direction. Students develop more focus and enjoy their studies, which allows their teachers to feel more effective and valued. 

With the teachers’ enhanced awareness of their students’ personalities, the students can see that the teacher understands them more effectively, which help them feel listened to, valued, trusted and supported.

The combined effects leads to a happier and safer school environment.


When students are happier and have increased self-confidence, they are more tolerant of others and more accepting, which leads to less bullying with other students. They are also less likely to be affected by bullies. Relationships become stronger and more connected.

Teachers who have learned to be aware of the emotional states of their students through their training are then able to recognise and diffuse potentially dangerous situations.

Additionally, because of the improved attitude of the students and the trust the students have that the teacher is looking out for them, this allows for a safer harmonious environment for the teachers, giving them more fulfilment in their career.


If teachers are able to understand the students’ personalities, they can give them guidance towards subjects and careers that align with the students’ strengths.

With increased self-awareness and self - confidence, and understanding their personality, students are more able to make choices towards careers they love. They will then be able to select subjects which they enjoy and are keen to excel at, leading to higher levels of academic performance.


Teachers who understand the different ways a student learns, can better apply this knowledge to adapting their teaching styles to each student, leading to improved teacher – student engagement. This again helps the student feel acknowledged, accepted and valued for their individuality, and are more likely to excel in their learnings.

The students who understand their preferred way of learning, processing and expressing themselves, can use their strengths to better engage with their school work. Teachers benefit by being able to share and teach in a more productive way, gaining fulfilment in their career and in the consistent and ongoing success of their students.

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