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Results – Imagine this:

  • You jump out of bed every morning, enthusiastic and excited not only about your current career, but also about every aspect of your life, including health, family, relationships and wealth.
  • You are empowered, confident, radiating endless energy towards building your business, contributing to your new career, or enjoying renewed passion for the career you are in now.
  • You understand yourself so much better, solid in the knowledge that each decision you make is more purposeful, sound and in line with your values.
  • You have invaluable and extensive tools, resources, mentors, people to consult at a moment’s notice.
  • You feel totally supported and your learnings are as a result consolidated, with Michelle Lee by your side.
  • You have a strong sense of purpose about your life, and opportunities open up to you each day.
  • You regularly take action every day towards your goals.
  • You are self-accountable and self-reliable.
  • Your working and personal life are in harmony with each other.
  • You are living the lifestyle you have always wished for.
  • You absolutely love life!  You are an inspiration to all around you!



Results – Imagine this:

  • You know exactly what career you want and what aspirations you can be great at.
  • You are excited that you are making changes towards the career you are now passionate to be in.
  • You feel confident, and understand yourself so much better, solid in the knowledge that each decision you make is sound and in line with your values.
  • You gain so many insights through amazing personal and professional development modules and resources.
  • Your growth is continually supported and  reinforced over 12 months one-on -one by Michelle Lee.
  • You are so much happier!  Your energy levels are higher and so is your motivation to follow your passion and the transition towards the career of your dreams.



Results – Imagine this:

  • You have a clear defined plan about what career you would like to pursue.
  • You understand so much more about yourself, your strengths, challenges and traits that naturally incline you to specific career paths.
  • You learn how to use your unique value system to create a vision for your career, you bust through sabotaging blocks which keep you procrastinating from taking action, you master time management.
  • Your confidence builds to greater levels, as you move through your various fears and transitions.
  • Your dreams become more tangible.
  • You feel empowered to take the next step.

Email Coaching Modules include Communication, Life Management, Assertiveness, Self-Esteem, Leadership, Client Relationships, Job Seeking Skills, Health, Relationships, Emotions

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