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When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

There are no coincidences in the Universe.

IMG_4443Begin your journey today.

Have you been quietly praying for a way to awaken joy in your life? The Universe listens intently and responds to your requests. This is the power of intention and it is at work every day. You have arrived at this place at this time, to transform your life with joy

  • Are you or your teen passionate about life?
  • Do you wake each day full of excitement to start the day?
  • Do you love your work?
  • Is your teen excited about attending school?

If you or your teen answered “no” to any of these questions, then here are some through some Career Coaching:

  • Discover careers that best suit your values, strengths, passion and natural inclinations.
  • Explore your career options and be clear about the career and industry your find most appealing
  • Clear sabotaging blocks and beliefs holding you back from moving forward
  • Develop an effective, results oriented, action plan to help you on your path to a fulfilling career
  • Learn how to be confident and assertive
  • Have an expert prepare your resume and advise how to tailor it for different positions
  • Implement your life plan to blend your private and professional life, harmoniously.

Call Michelle today on +61 0404 481 091 to schedule your

COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute Life or Career coaching consultation.

Discover how easy it is to make the first step towards the career and life of your dreams. As you make significant changes in one area of your life, changes flow through to other areas, bringing you

  • Increased confidence
  • Motivation
  • Energy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Life Purpose

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Here are a couple of Success Stories from Michelle’s’ clients:

Recently I was faced with a massive life change when I resigned from my job, a job I hated, but felt I had to do because it offered me security & what else could I do? Michelle was there offering support & advice when I needed it the most. Through her coaching, I was able to see it as an opportunity for positive change and am now excited to wake up each day to see what is in store and I feel as though anything is possible. “Thank you Michelle for taking me on this wonderful journey.” K. Gaffy -Melbourne

4 months ago I lacked direction and was going through the motions of life as many of us do, feeling like I had lost confidence, strength and self worth all of which was much less than who I am. I knew I wanted to regain the person that I am but didn’t know how. I was less than satisfied with the job I had but lacked the motivation to dare to dream for something better. My job had enslaved me, I felt trapped unappreciated and worthless. I procrastinated about the day-to-day things all the while fearing rejection and my own success. Luckily for me I was invited to a free self-help seminar where I first met my now coach but more importantly good friend Michelle Lee. Since then my life has changed immeasurably, I am now starting a new career in a field that I am passionate about, I’m taking charge of my life and reconnecting with the people around me that matter. It’s been a lot of hard work but the journey has been the most rewarding part and wouldn’t have been possible without my coach Michelle. Geoff Crowfoot


There is no risk or obligation. What do you have to lose? Call Michelle right now for a friendly chat about your situation.

Let Michelle know your fears and dreams, your doubts and questions. At the end of the time with her, you will have a much clearer picture of how she can assist you, whether you feel you have connected with her. You will feel supported and heard, and feel empowered to take the next step whether it be on your own or with Michelle by your side. You have everything to gain.

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