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Michelle writes articles for the Get Ahead Kids Magazine which promotes quality educational information and innovations for students, their families and educational facilities.

May – June 2014 edition article : Two Ears One Mouth

Have you heard the expression, “Listen twice as much as you speak”?
When our children communicate ideas, words or feelings to us, are we really listening? If we are actively listening, communication can be so much more successful and effective, creating happier relationships….


March – April 2014 edition article : You Are Your Body

Have you ever wondered why we can read so much from someone’s body shape, posture and movements? How is it that we can almost know a person before we meet or talk to them, just by seeing them from a distance?
Scientists have been studying body language, physical genetic patterning …You Are Your Body

January – February 2014 edition article : First Day Back Jitters

Is your child dreading the first day back at school? Is the last week of summer holidays a tense time when it could be a time of relaxation and joyful pursuits?
For many students including high school students, the first day back at school can seem like a scary unwelcoming place.
My discussion with teens including my own, suggests that the fear creeps in not only for the first day of the year, but for every first day of term, and for some, even every first day of the week. Furthermore…First Day Back Jitters – Jan Feb 2014

November – December 2013 edition article : Summer Recharge

As the school year ends, parents, students and no doubt teachers are beginning to look forward to the end of year summer break.
End of year exams, concerts, presentations, report writing and the myriad of last minute assignments and tasks can take their toll on tired teachers, parents and students.
These can lead to high stress levels and illness, often manifesting as the holidays begin.
Summer break can be an ideal time …Summer Recharge

September – October 2013 edition article Focus on What You Want, Not on What You Don’t Want

The end of school year is nearly here. With it comes increased pressure for students to focus and concentrate on their study, assignments and exams.

Some students are naturally great at focusing whereas others appear scattered and easily distracted.

Before students can focus and be motivated to study, it’s important that they refine what they want and what they don’t want. … Focus On What You Want – GAK Article Sep – Oct 2013

July – August 2013 edition article Are We Missing a Piece of the Educational Puzzle?

Imagine students, teachers, parents and school communities communicating with honesty, understanding, respect, and enthusiastically encouraging one another to pursue their individual passions.

An ideal educational framework would focus on IQ as well as SEL (Social & Emotional Learning). China’s President Xi Jin Ping said in May 2013, that; “Emotional Intelligence (EL) is important for adapting to society, although it should be used together with professional knowledge and techniques.” Emotional and Social Intelligence are not new terms. Ever since … more Article in pdf