Parents & Teen Coaching


Worried sick about your child? Feeling exhausted and helpless?

Breathe…guidance is available for both of you

Courage & Love 12 week UpnAway Coaching Program

  • Rediscover YOU – your strengths, your challenges,
  • Your most important values and roles
  • Face your fears, your doubts and learn and
  • Practice tools to move you past the blocks
  • Clear sabotaging beliefs and patterns
  • Create a clear defined life plan
  • Set and write goals
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Learn to love yourself again
  • Create respectful nurturing relationships
  • Reconnect with your children and family

Coaching available for Parents and Teens ( 14+) – Includes email, face-to-face and phone coaching

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About Michelle Lee

Michelle is a transformational life coach passionate about making a positive difference in the life of teens. She has successfully guided many adults and teens towards their passion and purpose. Michelle settled in Newcastle a year ago with her two teenage daughters, to focus solely on what she loves, coaching.

Empower yourself. Enrol now in a Courage and Love Coaching Program.

What people are saying

“Dearest Michelle
The amount of nice things i can say about the things you helped me through during my time with you is near endless but im gonna try say the good things.
Firstly I’d like to thank you for being my mentor and helping me with advice on resumes. They have helped me beyond belief and I’m super grateful. Secondly, I’d like to thank you for being a friend during the program. You were an absolutely awesome, energetic lovely person to be with and spend an hour with every Thursday and I’m going to miss it heaps. Finally thank you so so much for helping me boost my confidence levels in interviews and general confidence in talking to people. I’ve been using these skills and making new friends as a result
This is just a tiny glimpse into the gratitude and respect I have for everything you did for me and I’m truly grateful.
Thank you so much Michelle.”
Teen – 15 (Kotara Newcastle)

“One chat with Michelle and I am already feeling so much more positive. Michelle is so easy to talk to and I don’t feel judged. I really feel she cares about what I want.” Teen – 15 (Kotara Newcastle)

“I recently went through major upheaval in my life, found Michelle’s coaching an amazing support. She was available to me at all times, empowered me to turn this experience into a positive opportunity and a highly constructive one. I cannot speak more highly of Michelle’s professionalism, warmth & generosity.” Kate (Melbourne)

“My 14 year old daughter went through a challenging time, hating her body, not going to school, feeling lost, unmotivated, I even found out she was drinking at parties and lying to me about where she was. Michelle’s support was amazing. She was able to feel empowered again and is now so much more responsible and responsive. I feel like I have my daughter back… thank you Michelle, from the bottom of my heart.” (Mother – NSW)

Emily’s Story

Emily is 13. Her grades are slipping and she has been sent home on several occasions for getting into fights with other girls at school. She says she hates everyone and has recently given up dance which she used to be so passionate about.

“I can’t talk to Em anymore without her getting so angry. We used to always be joking and we’d watch movies together. She is rude to her Mum and fights with her little brother all the time. My wife has tried everything. No one really talks at home anymore.” Dad

“ I’m worried about my marriage. When Em’s Dad gets home from work, I am so exhausted so stressed, I don’t even feel like talking. I jump at every sound and feel like I’m walking on eggshells. I am so scared of saying the wrong thing to upset the peace and quiet. I know I love my family but you know what, I can’t feel it anymore. I know that sounds terrible, but I am so tired….” Mum

Are you thinking, “This sounds so much like my family…”

You can feel different…

Jacob’s Story

Jacob is 15. He has been through a tough couple of years starting with a spate of bullying when he started at his new school. After many sessions with his school counsellor, welfare teachers, psychologists and numerous visits to his GP, Jacob is more settled, and less disruptive.

However, this is what his Mum says:

“Jacob is not the same fun –loving, funny, carefree boy we used to know. He has no friends. He does not want to leave the house. Every morning, I need to go to his room, and plead with him to go to school. I still get at least one call or text a day from him at school, and it usually is to ask me to come and get him. I have tried to get him into some after school activities. He used to hang out every day at the skate park, now his board is hidden under his bed. I also worry about his weight. He eats all the time and then sits for hours at the computer. I feel so guilty when I geso stressed and yell at him. I try and be strong all day, and put on a brave face with outsiders. Every night, when I lie in bed, the tears just flow. I feel so alone….”

“Do you feel alone like Jacob’s mum?”

There is a solution.

Have you tried everything possible and feel like you have nothing left to give?

How can Coaching help?

Often as a parent, your unconditional love and support for your child can leave you feeling alone, stressed, living on the edge, reacting powerlessly to people and events around you.

Through supportive, insightful and personalised coaching, you can regain control of your life re-energise your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing create harmony, balance and flow back in your life

Begin nurturing “You”, and start feeling empowered again.

Feel a stronger more authentic you causing positive shifts as the effects flow on to your family.

You will lead by example and be able to make clearer more beneficial decisions for you as well as for your child and family.

Make changes in your life and experience the shifts in your child’s world.

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