Pursue your Passion Tour

Pursue Your Passion Tour

We have heard how some school environments have disengaged staff and students. In many instances we hear of staff who have lost their passion for teaching, staff and students struggling to communicate, parents demanding more, kids doing less, kids becoming distracted, disruptive, avoiding classes and being sometimes dangerous.

How wonderful would it be to have:

  • our students living their dreams, loving their lives, and transforming their worlds and those of the people around them?
  • engaged teachers doing what they truly love and re-igniting the passion they had for their chosen career?
  • schools which are communicating positively both internally and externally with the community?

This is now possible. Kirk Nugent, motivational “People’s Poet” from the US is coming to Australia to form a powerful team with Australia’s Alan Stevens, Face Profiler & Human Pattern Recognition Authority and Michelle Lee, Career & Life Passion Coach, to help inspire all school communities to pursue their passion.

This is a massive opportunity for everybody. We would love for it to be a success and we want your help. Pursue Your Passion Australia will also be doing a few public events.

Be ready for a shift!

Would you like to be involved?

Contact us now or head to the PursueYourPassionAustralia website for more information

Pursue Your Passion Australia

Three Individuals with One Passion:

To help inspire Australia’s youth to discover & pursue their dreams.


Kirk Nugent - Pursue your Passion TourKirk Nugent

For more than a decade, Kirk Nugent has been a catalyst for change, challenging preconceived notions about success and self-actualization. Kirk started public speaking in poetry venues where audiences crowned him “The People’s Poet”.

The stage was set for Kirk to widen his speaking base to include college campuses, key note addresses for Fortune 500 companies, church ministries and empowerment workshops. He has spoken at venues across the United States, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean. Kirk continues to impact the lives of people from around the world with public speaking engagements, and live appearances, as well as with his bestselling books and audio set, Pursue Your Passion.

Kirk endorses the idea that no matter where you are in the world, the innate right to chase your dreams unites all individuals. This is the philosophy which guides Kirk’s speaking engagements, and inspired motivational speaker Les Brown to proclaim,

“Kirk is a poignant speaker who challenges us to step out in faith towards our dreams.”


Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee is an Accredited Career and Life Coach, passionate about guiding her clients to find their passion and purpose in life, through caring and supportive personal growth development.

Michelle is British born, of Chinese and South American descent, raised in French-speaking Mauritius and emigrated to Australia in her teens. After 24 years in Perth, she moved to NSW and settled in Newcastle a year ago.

Michelle spent 23 years as a holistic physiotherapist and business owner, becoming more attuned to the physical, mental and emotional connections of her clients.

By empowering her clients to make the decision to learn, and to nurture themselves physically, mentally and emotionally, they healthily and positively begin on the journey towards a career and life which serves as an expression of self, benefitting all around them.

Michelle’s passion is to positively guide and help inspire teenagers and young adults by giving them tools which will direct, motivate and empower them to a life and career of joyful energy, inspiring all around them.

Alan StevensAlan Stevens

Alan Stevens is The Face Profiler. He is a world authority in Human Pattern Recognition. His work for a number of decades has been working with people, to help them understand themselves, to understand others and to break down barriers in their lives and their relationships. For a person to take responsibility for their health it is essential that they have a commitment to make the changes that are necessary to achieve their goals. This only comes through having a positive self esteem and a passion to become the best we can be. He has found that the skills of Human Pattern Recognition and Human Trait Recognition are the most effective way to create those changes. His mission is to share those skills with other practitioners, schools and organisations to build happier, healthier and more constructive communities.